There are only two languages in this world: right and wrong.

Do you know this situation? Producing your text cost you considerable time and energy until everybody was happy with it. At this point, you’re very proud of your work. But are you certain that there isn’t still a mistake hidden away in there somewhere?


Perhaps your work is going to be made available in other countries now as well, but you’re worried that a translation will dilute its meaning. Simply put your texts in the capable hands of WIENERS+WIENERS. Because we do our utmost to make your texts perfect, using absolute precision and an exceptionally intuitive understanding of language.

Certified quality management

When editing your texts, we meet the highest quality standards and are tested and certified according to DIN ISO 9001:2015, DIN ISO 17100:2015 and TISAX.

​DIN ISO 9001 is recognised worldwide and is the most common standard for quality management in an organisation. Abiding by the requirements specified in this standard ensures reliable and traceable results for our customers. The effectivity of our quality management system is tested annually by an independent certification body, Theen Qualitätsberatung.

The TISAX® label is a certificate that confirms the compliance of our information management system with the information security requirements specified by the German Association of the Automotive Industry. It builds on the requirements of ISO 27001.

Annual reports

No matter how the year has gone, you absolutely should show your annual report to our discreet expert proofreaders. Of course, they’re not just specialised in annual reports, but have often worked in your industry, too. This way, they check the form as well as the content of your texts and invoices – and, if need be, they’ll even translate your academese into Japanese.

Our industries

We are the fussy type at WIENERS+WIENERS, and, accordingly, we don’t let just anyone get their hands on your texts. Our proofreaders and translators are experts in your field.

  • Advertising
  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Banking
  • Commerce
  • Culture
  • Energy
  • Engineering (electrical, mechanical, etc.)
  • Fashion
  • Financial services
  • Food
  • Gaming (e.g. MMOs)
  • Healthcare
  • Insurance
  • IT/telecommunications
  • Legal/business consultancy
  • Lifestyle
  • Management consultancy
  • Marketing/PR
  • Medical technology
  • Online commerce
  • Pharmaceuticals/chemical
  • Real estate
  • Software/localisation
  • Tourism

Straight talk in
more than 90 languages.

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Regardless of which language you are looking for, we are sure to find the right words.

Types of texts

You should have us read anything where you simply can’t afford to make mistakes. In other words, everything. But to give you an idea of our typical sense of precision, here is a detailed list of the different types of texts that we correct, proofread, translate and localise.

Basically, we go through all your texts with a fine-toothed comb. As standard.

Advertising material

  • Advertisements
  • Leaflets
  • Image brochures
  • Intranet content
  • Customer magazines
  • Newsletters
  • Online shopping portals
  • Presentations/pitches
  • Product brochures
  • SEO texts
  • Sales folders
  • Websites
  • Flyers

Informational material and documentation

  • General terms and conditions
  • Manuals
  • Industry information
  • Expert information
  • Glossaries
  • Handbooks
  • Info sheets
  • Interviews
  • Guidelines
  • Data sheets
  • Employee documentation
  • Corporate presentations
  • Press releases
  • Studies
  • Thematic brochures


  • Ad hoc announcements
  • Industry reports
  • Corporate governance content
  • Issue prospectuses
  • Exposés
  • Fact sheets
  • Fund descriptions
  • Forms
  • Company reports or statements
  • Annual reports
  • Economic reports
  • Market information
  • Quarterly and interim reports
  • Reports
  • Strategy papers