Roman Reimer, AdSlam winner for Wieners+Wieners

Ahrensburg, 20 February 2015 – This year Texterschmiede Hamburg e.V. presented the second annual AdSlam. In front of invited guests, up-and-coming talents from the realm of copywriting had three and a half minutes to give their thoughts on various topics live on stage. The volume of the audience’s applause decided the winner of the competition. The event was made possible by the active support of sponsors. This year, language service provider Wieners+Wieners, based in Ahrensburg, was also a sponsor and contributed the topic “We love mistakes”. In addition, the company also donated the prize for the winner from its own area of expertise – a megaphone.

“Even if I like mistakes, it was certainly no mistake for Wieners+Wieners to be part of AdSlam. Just the sentence ‘We love mistakes’ flooded my mind with a thousand images. So it was immediately clear to me that that would be my topic. With my text, I wanted to convince the audience that mistakes are nothing bad. The opposite, in fact: you grow as a result of your mistakes. Therein lay the challenge for me with this topic,” said prizewinner Roman Reimer.

“It is fascinating to observe how the use of language in general and in advertising has taken influence from foreign languages and the language of social networks. AdSlam challenges participants to forge connections between their message, current language and poetry. It was this arc of tension that unleashed incredible furore,” explained Tina Berns, head of marketing at Wieners+Wieners GmbH.

Supporting the next generation in the field of copywriting is part of the marketing strategy of the Ahrensburg-based language service provider. It was because of this that the revenues from the sale of the company’s book Mein größter Fehler (my biggest mistake) in 2013 were put towards supporting new talent at ADC. Through its creative marketing ideas and campaigns, Wieners+Wieners wants to make companies aware of the importance of using language correctly and properly in business, and consistently in everyday life.