Ahrensburg, 2 April 2015 – Successful marketing campaigns create an interesting and emotional connection with the target audience and, at the same time, convey the benefits of the product and the expertise of the company in the most memorable way possible. With the marketing promotion titled “The winner shakes it all. Wieners+Wieners’ praktisches Handbuch für den modernen Etatgewinner”, language services providerWieners+Wieners perfectly pulled off this marketing credo. Wieners+Wieners is using its advice book to congratulate agencies on the pitches they have just won. This carefully put-together, wittily written handbook for the perfect 1950s-style party to celebrate the acquisition of a new customer features personal tips from the Wieners+Wieners staff for a great party and, along the way, highlights the benefits and expertise of the language services provider.

The jumping-off point for the marketing campaign developed and implemented by Grabarz zweite Werbeagentur GmbH was the desire to show existing and new customers that Wieners+Wieners is there for them every day and also cares about its customers’ business. “We are always on the lookout in industry media for news about our customers. As soon as we find out that clients or awards have been won, we send our congratulations. Little clusters and great campaigns call for much hard work and attention to detail in their execution. Just like the work that we do for our customers,” explains Tina Berns, head of marketing at Wieners+Wieners since 2011.

In this book for acquirers of customers, Wieners+Wieners employees present their amusing and entertaining tips for a great party and, as an aside, also mention what their company has to offer. In so doing, Wieners+Wieners is congratulating its customers on their achievements while also bringing itself into the conversation. “Our appreciation for our customers is at the centre of all of our promotions. In the current campaign, our staff presents itself in the style of the 1950s, a time which was characterised by prudence and a cultivated vernacular. In this way, we hope to build an associative bridge – from time-honoured traditions and the thoroughness and precision that are our passion, to the current zeitgeist embodied by our employees both professionally as well as in their private life,” says Tina Berns, describing the basic idea of the campaign.

Over the past few years filled with diverse campaigns, the team of Grabarz and Wieners+Wieners has won many awards for extraordinary marketing promotions on behalf of the Ahrensburg-based language services provider – most recently receiving three medals at the BoB Awards in the categories of Print, Credentials and Employer Branding for the campaign titled “Retro in die Zukunft”.