Language services provider promotes careful approach to language in marketing

Ahrensburg, 20 June 2015 – Language shapes people’s way of thinking and therefore also their behaviour. Thus, in marketing and advertising in particular, you must deal with language very carefully in order to sow the seeds of success. This applies not only to marketing within a country, but especially to international marketing as well. A linguistic faux pas is extremely difficult to correct. With its presence at the CO-REACH dialogue marketing conference on 24 and 25 June 2015 in Nuremberg, language services provider Wieners+Wieners is looking to demonstrate the importance of carefully using language in marketing as well as to show the benefits of its services and expertise.

“For the first time this year, we are participating as exhibitors in various expert trade fairs. The success at the Online Marketing Rockstars Expo in Hamburg only reinforced our decision to also present our effectiveness in translation and proofreading at the CO-REACH conference in Nuremberg to a selected audience of industry professionals. In the last few years, CO-REACH has established itself in the market as a trade fair for consultants with a focus on cross-media marketing. Because a large number of relevant market participants come together here, this provides us with an excellent opportunity to make contact with new customers, keep in touch with existing customers and, as a member of various organisations, to network with other professionals,” explains Andreas Witschel, sales manager at Wieners+Wieners GmbH.

“Words are like arrows – once shot, there is no getting them back. Each word creates an image in our heads and produces the corresponding reactions. If the linguistic arrow misses the target, then this can cause significant damage. That is why, whenever we have the chance, we always advocate for a very careful approach when it comes to language and translations – there are countless stumbling blocks. Our profession is also our passion: we take joy in formulating and have a feel for the proper choice of words,” explains Tina Berns, head of marketing at Wieners+Wieners.

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