Apostroph Group GmbH – the leading language services provider in Germany, Switzerland and Austria – is expanding its services in the area of international search engine optimisation (iSEO) and has acquired a stake in MONDIS GmbH, a Berlin agency specialising in international online marketing. All customers of the Apostroph Group will in future have access to MONDIS’s network and experience in the field of SEO/SEA, thus receiving comprehensive expert language services from a single source.

A key success factor when marketing products and services in international markets is achieving a high ranking in the results of relevant search engines. Using precise measures such as SEO consulting, keyword targeting and SEO monitoring, MONDIS ensures that the online shops and websites of companies worldwide appear as prominently as possible in the results of relevant search engines worldwide; this allows companies to meet local requirements in a customised, successful manner.

For approximately 30 years, Wieners+Wieners and Apostroph Switzerland have been supporting their customers in implementing their respective internationalisation strategies, leading countless localisation projects to success. Ulrich Barnewitz, managing director of Wieners+Wieners and the Apostroph Group, explains: ‘Translating, adapting and proofreading still comprise our core business at Wieners+Wieners. In the meantime, however, we see ourselves as a solutions provider in the field of international communications and we support our customers by providing language consulting right up to the delivery of the perfect finished product.’ Philipp Meier, managing partner of Apostroph Group, adds: ‘With our decision to acquire a stake in MONDIS, our solutions portfolio will be further expanded and meaningfully supplemented.’ Michael Quast, managing partner of MONDIS, continues: ‘Think globally, act locally – this is the principle that defines our way of working. We manage projects centrally from our head office in Berlin, but make good use of our SEO specialists’ local understanding of the target markets. After all, only those who understand how national search preferences work and who make use of this knowledge can be internationally successful in the context of SEO. With our new partner perfectly complementing our expertise, we are in a position to optimally roll out multilingual websites.’

About the Apostroph Group

With its core brands Apostroph Switzerland and Wieners+Wieners, the Apostroph Group is the market leader for high-quality language services in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, boasting an annual turnover of more than 20 million euros. The Group offers certified language and translation services in over 70 languages using a network of more than 2,000 validated native-speaker translators alongside highly qualified in-house language experts in both translation and proofreading. With around 120 in-house employees at eight locations, the Group serves more than 4,400 customers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland combined. It not only belongs to the top five language service providers in German-speaking Europe but is also one of the top 50 LSPs worldwide, according to a recent study by the research and consulting firm Common Sense Advisory.


MONDIS enjoys a global presence. As an agency for international online marketing, it focuses on offering SEO consulting for companies that either want to open up new markets in other countries by internationalising their Internet presence or to perform better with their existing international website. In addition to providing strategic SEO consulting and developing concepts for individual solutions, MONDIS also assists customers in the operational implementation of SEO measures and the permanent SEO optimisation of their international websites – supported at all times by a worldwide network of specialised online marketing experts.