With us, 24 proofreaders
will go through your work with a fine-tooth comb.

Most people take it as an insult. We, on the other hand, are flattered when we are referred to as incorrigible pedants.


When it comes to putting the correct punctuation in the correct place, or finding the perfect word, we take great pleasure in being absolutely accurate. Exact. Precise. Diligent. Thorough. Or perhaps the right word is … meticulous. A little misplaced dot may seem like a small thing, but it can undermine everything. From a punchline to an annual report.
And speaking of annual reports, we have proofreaders who specialise in economics and finance for business texts. These people are doubly qualified, being not only marketing proofreaders, but also qualified bankers, for example. So it isn’t just their spelling that’s unbeatable; they also understand invoices and can check economic data to make sure the contents are coherent. And that’s something that you, in turn, can count on.

Straight talk in more
than 90 languages.

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Regardless of which language you are looking for, we are sure to find the right words.

Howlers of the month

There is hardly anything we take more seriously than our work, but that’s not to say that we can’t laugh about it. Please join us! And in case you discover one of your own errors in our howlers of the month, here’s a tip: just have a giggle about it and be proud that you have brought such joy to others. Have fun!

August 2020


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July 2020

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foreign odors


around the worls

June 2020



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stir fried crab burgers

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1 head of garlic

May 2020

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stress hormons

babies and toodlers

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Our woking hours

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April 2020

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Unites States of America

going into press

continuous mprovement

environmental foodprint reduction

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menue of the day

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publich haelth

March 2020

glorius views

going into press

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cough and sneeze labels

continuous mprovement

environmental foodprint reduction

Unites States of America

tops for flowty lawering

sanity disinfection

menue of the day