Wieners+Wieners AdSlam winner Tobias Fischer, photo: Tim Gerdts Photography

Tobias Fischer takes home Wieners+Wieners AdSlam trophy

29 February 2016 – The annual AdSlam event founded by Texterschmiede Hamburg e. V. took place for the third time last Thursday evening. This poetry slam for copywriters brings together promising young professionals who vie for the audience’s attention with texts they improvise live into the microphone. Wieners+Wieners GmbH was again one of three sponsors of the event this year.

Four of the 17 text-savvy talents chose to give poetic renditions on the subject of “Corrections. And where in life you would like to apply them”, as briefed by the language services provider from Ahrensburg. Tobias Fischer was most successful in this challenge, winning the Wieners+Wieners AdSlam trophy, a gold-coloured megaphone made of brass.

“Supporting the AdSlam is very important to us,” explains Tina Berns, head of marketing at Wieners+Wieners. “The young Texterschmiede copywriters have the gift of using, expanding and reviving language in a fresh way and from entirely new perspectives. Here at Wieners+Wieners we admire this talent and help to ensure that the logical rules of language are considered in the process.”