Linguistics is not
a type of pasta.

  • Adaptation
    Conversion of a text to other languages using the source text purely as a basis for the content, with the intention of adapting the text to the cultural and commercial nuances of the target audience.
  • Bug reporting and regression testing
    Complementary to software and functional testing (see above); bug reporting and – if necessary – regression testing, as well as the resolving of these issues.
  • Creation of DTP templates
    Creation of templates to be used in DTP (see above).
  • Desktop publishing (DTP)
    Computer-aided layout and preparation of documents consisting of both text and images which will later be used in or for publication (e.g. magazines, brochures, catalogues).
  • DTP creation
    Creative graphic work; see also ‘DTP’.
  • File conversion
    Conversion of files and file contents from one source format to a (new) target format.
  • File engineering
    Preparation of files or file types so that they are appropriate for further use and processing.
  • File optimisation
    Similar to file engineering, this is an adjustment of files or file types so that they can be used for their intended purpose in the optimal manner.
  • Graphics editing
    Editing of graphic elements and/or images within a document.
  • PDF creation
    Creation of PDF files and, if necessary, their preparation for printing.
  • Project management
    Planning, direction and monitoring of projects by one or more project managers.
  • Proofreading/correcting
    Proofreading or correcting of texts with regard to grammar, spelling, etc.
  • Terminology extraction
    Identification and documentation of frequently used terminology within a set of texts (e.g. for a specific company) in order to make them suitable for use in a terminology database.
  • Terminology translation
    Translation of repeated, fixed expressions and terminology into other languages (e.g. for a specific company).
  • Training
    Consultation and training on all relevant topics related to dealing with foreign-language texts.
  • Translation
    Conversion of a text to other languages that stays very true to the source text.
  • Translation and independent proofreading
    Conversion of a text to other languages that stays very true to the source text and with an additional proofread by another person.
  • Translation memory alignment
    Conversion of printed texts as well as text files into a translation memory.
  • Translation memory management
    Management and maintenance of an electronic database (translation memory, or ‘TM’) with structured translations which allows for more consistent translation results.
  • Translation of voice-overs
    A (new) voice-over track that covers up an old one (e.g. dubbing of video games and films).
  • Screen capture
    Compilation of (computer) screen content as well as its preparation for further processing or use.
  • Software and functional testing
    Testing of software products as regards their functionality, correctness, links, etc.
  • Software localisation
    Linguistic adjustment of software programs, online games and the like, as well as program interfaces (buttons etc.).
  • Subtitling
    Creation and implementation of subtitles (e.g. for films).
Status: 20 July 2016