Tools specialised for the work and tasks of particular industries and professions have been around for a long time. Sometimes, there is only one tool for the job made by one company. Other times, there are multiple tools available, each with distinct features or advantages. The latter is true of the CAT (computer-assisted translation) tools employed by the translation industry. Wieners+Wieners, one of the leading language services providers in Germany, recently added the CAT tool Across to its portfolio and benefit from the advantages this product offers.

Across, from Across Systems GmbH, offers a range of advantageous features and functionalities for all participants in the translation process chain. The program is particularly suited to enterprises with translation needs who wish to take an active role in the translation process thanks to a variety of quality assurance and security features. Should a company using Across wish to work with a language service provider, then the latter also needs to have Across. While nothing prevents a language service provider from using multiple CAT tools, many companies tend to pick one and use that program exclusively. Wieners+Wieners is bucking the trend; the company now works with two CAT tools, with Across being the latest addition.

“If a company, particularly our existing clients, decides that Across is the best solution for their business, then they should have the option to work with a language service provider they already know and trust,” says Kai-Dominik Weyel, general manager of Wieners+Wieners. “We are thinking ahead with our current and future clients in mind.” Enterprises who currently work with Across, or are considering purchasing Across, can now take advantage of the translation services offered by Wieners+Wieners.