It’s a bit of a poorly kept secret that spelling errors and typos can cause your personal reputation to suffer. Employment and communications consultants repeatedly point to the credibility of correct and well-written texts. And most marketing departments and advertising agencies are well aware of the power that a good and – in particular – correct sentence can have. Posters or advertisements containing errors leave a bad taste in your mouth. And, in the worst-case scenario, even lead to ridicule in the press. ‘There’s no such thing as bad publicity.’ This common sentiment may have led to the decision to do without the (sometimes costly) process of error removal, aka proofreading. But ultimately this is a very risky move because, regardless of the media of the advertisement, the resulting damage to your image can be in the millions.

For mail-order and online businesses in particular, negligence regarding spelling and grammar rules can lead to significant loss of revenue in certain situations – for several possible reasons: for one, spelling and grammar play a significant role in the ranking of websites. If, for example, a product description contains spelling errors, the best-case scenario is that these are ignored. And an erroneous offer is no less damaging to your image. Offers that contain errors are perceived as less credible, illegitimate and dubious. What’s more, incorrectly spelled products can often only be discovered by potential buyers through pure coincidence. Experience shows that customers more often search for ‘curtains’ rather than ‘cutrains’. And the infamous ‘100% Anus beef’ will hopefully be lost forever in the depths of networked anonymity. And you cannot always rely on the spellchecker in Microsoft Word to be your last line of defence – as is demonstrated by the ‘marinated chicken beast’ or the ‘carp hire service’, for example. As entertaining as those mistakes may be, they cast doubt upon your economic success.

These days, however, it is exceedingly simple to have your catalogues and online documents proofread or translated by true professionals. A top-quality language service provider will even work on your documents directly in their current format and the respective design or layout programs. In addition, services that facilitate coordination with agencies or country-specific representatives are offered in order to shorten and optimise approval processes. This results in savings of precious time and puts your editorial conscience at ease.