We’ve literally earned our customers’ praise.

Goodness gracious! How old-fashioned we are! We like forming long-lasting relationships and having personal contact with our customers. Since 1990, we have served around 10,000 satisfied customers around the world. That makes us proud and pleased.

About us

We offer comprehensive language services for discerning companies –
quick, personal and highly precise.

We offer linguistic expertise to enable you greater success on the global market:

  • since 1990
  • with more than 60 employees on-site
  • with 26 project managers and customer consultants assigned to individual customers
  • with 24 proofreaders in our in-house German and English proofreading departments
  • with more than 1000 carefully selected freelance translators and proofreaders worldwide who translate, adapt, proofread and transcribe in more than 70 languages
  • rapid processing


Wieners+Wieners has a new head of sales

Effective 1 January 2021, Ute Schneider took over as head of sales at premium language service provider Wieners+Wieners. In this role she will be coordinating all sales activities and collaborating to shape the overall strategy. In...

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Wieners+Wieners/Apostroph Group on a growth course

The Wieners+Wieners/Apostroph Group is incorporating current developments in the fields of technology and digitisation into its structure in order to drive growth. Through the merging of leading companies in the language services...

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Press contact

Wieners+Wieners GmbH
Cornelia Costanzo
An der Strusbek 12 b
22926 Ahrensburg

Tel.: +49 (0)4102 235-260
Tel.: +49 (0)4102 235-500



This is where you can get to know a few members of our staff personally while learning what they’re made of and what makes them tick! And if you’re wondering why we look so incredibly good, it’s simply because we’ve coordinated our discipline and accuracy – so championed since the 1950s – to match our look.

‘When I smile at our customers, I’m dead serious about it.’

Lene Bronée Lange, receptionist.

Danes never lie. So when Mrs Lange welcomes our customers over the phone or at the reception desk with a radiant smile, then she truly means it with all her heart and the sun immediately begins to shine. Although the sun rarely shows its face in Denmark. Warm, friendly and with this charming Danish accent – that’s how you are welcomed here! Yet you would hardly think that she takes her job so seriously: mistakes are not tolerated, absolute precision celebrated. And with 13 dedicated years of service under her belt, Mrs Lange has long been THE face of Wieners+Wieners.

Hear Mrs Lange’s lovely Danish accent on: +49 (0)4102 2350.

‘Come calendar week 14, my son is going to be 3.38 years old.’

Jolita Voigt, accountant.

For Jolita Voigt, numbers and letters have enjoyed equal standing for a good ten years now: both must succumb to her rigorous accuracy. She, however, is able to be entirely flexible in her position. Over the years, Mrs Voigt has already proven her wide range of talents as a translator, a project manager and a customer consultant – and now as a passionate accountant, too. That instils pride not just in us, but in her son, too. After all: he’s also happy that his mum can be at home with him in the afternoons, and that she’s not as strict with him as she is when it comes to numbers and letters.

To contact Mrs Voigt, please dial exactly this number: +49 (0)4102 2350.

Um Frau Voigt zu erreichen, wählen Sie bitte exakt diese Nummer: +49 4102 235-0

‘I am always extremely delicate in my approach – unless you get cheeky with me!’

Nadja Azimi, customer consultant.

It’s a well-known fact that the line between eclectic and schizophrenic is a thin one indeed. Luckily, in Ms Azimi’s case it doesn’t matter – she has so much personality that you wouldn’t develop a guilty conscience if you were to break off just a little. She has mastered all the disciplines: from artistic and focused to shrill and delicate. And, naturally, she incorporates all of these skills into her management of your projects, promotions and events. We really should come up with a word for our Nadja. What do you think of ‘nadjatastic’?

Share your request with Ms Azimi on: +49 (0)4102 2350.

Verraten Sie Frau Azimi Ihren Wortvorschlag unter: +49 4102 235-0

‘As a child, my lemonade stand had foreign branches.’

Josephine Burmester, freelancer management.

Anyone vying for global success will certainly cross paths with our Ms Burmester. Compared to her address book, even the UN General Assembly seems a bit provincial. Josephine Burmester is, after all, the recruitment, assessment, support and quality management nexus of our international network of freelancers. And what does that mean, exactly? This certified translator doesn’t tackle texts any more, but rather takes your wishes and finds a perfect translator or proofreader to help make them come true. Oh, just a sec – her phone is ringing – Micronesia’s calling.

You, too, can call Ms Burmester – regardless from which continent – on: +49 (0)4102 2350.

‘The past, the present and the future walked into a bar. It was tense.’

Andrew Wakeman, English proofreader.

Mr Wakeman really doesn’t joke around when it comes to the English language. However, he does have rather a soft spot for linguistic jokes. And it doesn’t matter to him whether it’s British or American English, even though he comes from the good old U.S. of A. That’s where Mr Wakeman studied German and economics and then added a diploma in education to top it off. So that he doesn’t get too steeped in academia with all of his degrees, our Andrew is also an all-out fan of American football, heavy metal and beer. So you might meet him sometime in a bar along with the past, the present and the future.

You can reach Mr Wakeman – today and tomorrow – on: +49 (0)4102 2350.

‘I can bring a smile to anyone’s face.’

Sandra Schypula, customer consultant.

It is said that the way to someone’s heart is through their stomach. With Ms Schypula, however, love races through the diaphragm and leaps directly – by way of a wide grin – to her colleagues. At Wieners+Wieners, this business graduate is loved for her contagious laugh that’s beyond compare. In fact, this petite ray of sunshine has been spreading joy since 2010 in the otherwise serious world of language services – and can even elicit a chuckle from the most hardened customers. But she’s not only beloved by people: at work she charms colleagues and customers, and at home, her cat and horse are always happy to see her. But Ms Schypula doesn’t just love her animals – she also loves big customers and the equally big challenges they bring.

Have a laugh with Ms Schypula on: +49 (0)4102 2350.

‘Do I like a challenge? Let me put it this way: I’m an expert in economics and Sinology.’

Benjamin Trauth, customer consultant.

For most people the story goes something like this: ‘I was never any good at maths. But I was always really good at English.’ Or this: ‘I still have nightmares about German lessons. But no one was better than me at science.’ For our Benjamin Trauth, however, the story goes like this: ‘Somehow, business studies alone is too easy – I think I’ll study Chinese, too! So it’s no wonder Mr Trauth found it a walk in the park to learn the technical ins and outs necessary to answer all the complicated questions that come his way at Wieners+Wieners. In contrast to Mandarin, however, there aren’t around 900 million others who can do that – he’s the only one. Aren’t we lucky!

Our unique Mr Trauth can be reached on: +49 (0)4102 2350.

‘The only place I allow redundant interjections is in the dojo.’

Andrea Kret, German proofreader.

If we didn’t know Ms Kret, we’d be shaking in our boots. She has Polish roots, translates from French and English, dances Argentinian tango and proofreads German texts. So what is there to worry about? Let’s put it this way: she has a brown belt in karate. But never fear – for Ms Kret always keeps her cool when confronted with the wrong words.

The fearless can reach Ms Kret on: +49 (0)4102 2350.

‘It must be your fault if we don’t understand each other.’

Alexandra Bäuerle, customer consultant.

Just so we’re clear: so far, everyone has been able to get along swimmingly with Mrs Bäuerle. At least everyone who speaks German, Ukrainian, Spanish or Russian – those are, after all, the languages that make up her impressive repertoire. And as if that weren’t enough to knock your socks off, this mother of two takes it a step further: she is a certified court interpreter! So she even understands criminals in four languages – here’s hoping it’ll be plain sailing when you’re on the phone with her!

Put Mrs Bäuerle’s understanding to the test on: +49 (0)4102 2350.

‘I always tell our agency: < L’État, c’est moi. >’

Tina Berns, head of marketing.

‘I am the state of play’ – that’s the motto upheld by our head of marketing Tina Berns. And it explains why she treats the ad agency associated with WIENERS+WIENERS with at least the same level of care as if it were her own. She wants nothing but the best for it. If she has to, she will fight for it. She pours her heart and soul into it; she praises it, scolds it, and she looks after the organisational side of things for anywhere between 20 and 60 hours a week – whenever the need arises. And because she’s a keen endurance athlete in her spare time, not to mention an avid memory training enthusiast, she’s really never hit the wall or forgotten anything. And if she has, it’s not something that sticks in our minds.

Put Mrs Berns‘s memory to the test by calling: +49 (0)41 022 350.

‘I suffer from a multitude of pleonasms.’

Ursula Di Renzo, human resources manager.

Truth be told, Mrs Di Renzo is an exceptionally warm-hearted individual who is full of life. Yet when she turns her attention to applications, she assumes an altogether different persona. Some call it ‘proactive commitment’ – and even learned academics have crossed paths with her. In that case, instead of saying the same thing twice over, changing tack and surprising Mrs Di Renzo with a contrast or two would be an even better idea – and it would put you in her good books. After all, she is both an Ayurveda enthusiast and a hard-core marathon runner. Incidentally, she lets our staff express themselves in an equally vast array of ways. So if you’re keen on diversity, apply to join us! And perhaps you’ll soon be one of us: someone who is not content with mere pleonasms.

Find out about the vacancies Mrs Di Renzo can offer you: wienersundwieners.de/en/careers/

‘This is a message from the very top: we have flat hierarchies.’

Hermann Wendelstadt, advisory board member and partner.

Good managers hire staff who are better than they are – and then stay out of their way. Hermann Wendelstadt chalked up this credo during his long and international career. What can we say? It works! And not least of all because trust and competence work like a dream at Wieners+Wieners. Mr Wendelstadt handles his private life in a similar fashion. That’s how this father of four is able to negotiate a trip to the zoo just as routinely as a board meeting. And he wouldn’t be much of an efficient-thinking businessman if he didn’t apply what he learned from one to the other.

Message from the top: dial this number if you have questions: +49 (0)4102 2350.



SDL - Steuerung und Optimierung von mehrsprachigen Kommunikationsprozessen

The use of these language technology solutions makes it possible to manage multilingual communication processes from start to finish.

across - marktführenden Softwareplattform zur zentralen, automatisierten Steuerung von Übersetzungs­prozessen

Across Systems is the manufacturer of the Across Language Server, a market-leading software platform for centralised, automated management of translation processes with all language resources and parties involved in the process.

Plunet - Translation-Management-Software

The use of Plunet BusinessManager translation management software allows Wieners+Wieners to control all business and production processes in an optimal and transparent way. The benefits for customers include shorter time-to-market cycles and the highest quality standards.


Translators without Borders ist eine Non-Profit-Organisation, die unter anderem humanitäre Organisationen aktiv bei der Übersetzung zwischen Helfern und Betroffenen in Krisen­gebieten unterstützt

Red T is a non-profit organization dedicated to the protection of translators and interpreters in conflict and other crisis areas.

WIENERS+WIENERS ist Mitglied der European Language Industry Association (Elia)

Translators without Borders is a non-profit organisation. Its activities include actively supporting humanitarian organisations by providing translations for aid workers and affected populations in conflict zones.

OMR - Online Marketing Rockstars

Next Online Marketing Rockstars Festival 2020 on May 12 and 13 in Hamburg.

Nach­richten­portal UEPO hält viel Wissens­wertes für die Über­setzungs­branche bereit

The UEPO news portal has lots of useful information for the translation sector.

Seminare am Bildungsnetzwerk SDI eröffnen Übersetzern und Textern neue Perspektiven durch Referenten aus unterschiedlichen Disziplinen

With expert trainers from various disciplines, SDI training network seminars open up new doors for translators and copywriters. We highly recommend taking part.

Seit 1998 werden an der Texterschmiede Leute mit guten Ideen zu erstklassigen Textern ausgebildet.

Texterschmiede Hamburg e. V.
Academy for language, creativity and brand communication.


WIENERS+WIENERS ist Mitglied im Deutschen Dialogmarketing Verband e. V.

Wir sind Fördermitglied des Bundesverband Industrie Kommunikation e. V. Der bvik bietet Marketing-Verantwortlichen der Industrie und Profis der B2B-Kommunikationsbranche eine Plattform für Austausch, Wissensvermittlung und Dialog.

WIENERS+WIENERS ist Mitglied der European Language Industry Association (Elia)

We are a member of the European Language Industry Association (Elia). Elia is the European not-for-profit trade association for language service companies with a mission to accelerate its members’ business success.

WIENERS+WIENERS ist Mitglied der Globalization and Localization Association (GALA)

We are a member of the Globalization and Localization Association (GALA). As a non-profit membership organisation, GALA offers the translation industry a worldwide platform for sharing information.

WIENERS+WIENERS ist Mitglied des QSD (Qualitätssprachendienste Deutschlands e.V.)

We are a member of the QUALITÄTSSPRACHDIENSTE Deutschlands (QSD) association. QSD represents the interests and opinions of the German translation industry and, as such, of all German member translation companies of the EUATC.

WIENERS+WIENERS fiebert mit dem FC St. Pauli mit

WIENERS+WIENERS supports FC St. Pauli.

WIENERS+WIENERS fiebert mit dem FC St. Pauli mit


Absolute discretion is even more important to us than an impressive roster of customers. And that’s why we follow the gentlemen’s code: we do not kiss and tell. And our customers certainly appreciate it. But we can tell you this much: our list of long-standing satisfied customers includes not only most leading German advertising agencies, but also numerous large companies from the fields of business and industry as well as more than 2,000 small and medium-sized enterprises. Please forgive us for that little bit of a humblebrag.